A Moto X Style user upgraded his device to 4GB of RAM

Launched back in 2015, the Moto X Style packs 3GB RAM and comes with 32GB Storage. Think 3GB of RAM or 32GB Internal memory is too low for a Smartphone like Moto X Style in 2017? How about 4GB RAM and 64GB Internal Storage?

In particular, a Moto X Style user "Gopimfam" from China made it possible to upgrade the RAM as well as the Internal storage of the Moto X Style. The user has also uploaded some images showing the Moto X Style (XT1570) running with 4GB RAM and 64GB Internal storage.

A couple of weeks ago, a Nexus 5X user reportedly upgraded his Smartphone's RAM from 2GB to 4GB. Accordingly, Local companies in China will happily upgrade your RAM, all the way up to 4GB, for up to CNY 400 ($60). If you don’t want to go up to 4GB, you can upgrade to 3GB for a low price.

Obviously, this isn’t something everyone would be able to do, but if you are absolutely in love with your Smartphone and want to keep it going for next few years, something like this could certainly help with that. This is likely a practice that won’t take off in your country in any real capacity, but for those that can make it to the China, and don’t mind voiding their warranty, it’s a quick and cheap option to upgrade the RAM available in your device pretty quickly.

AVG Antivirus for Android

AVG Antivirus for Android
When it comes to protecting your phone, not just any free antivirus app will get the job done. With so many threats both in the cyber world and the physical one working against your device’s security, you really need the best free antivirus for Android that’s available to get proper coverage and ensure your sensitive data is truly kept safely away from the wrong hands. Fortunately, AVG AntiVirus is available to Android owners everywhere, and offers you a level of protection that’s unparalleled by other free apps that are currently available.

Some of the benefits that really set AVG mobile antivirus software apart from the rest include options like:

  • The ability to scan for potential threats like viruses and malware at any point in time, and immediate removal of any issues that might be found.
  • Scanning of any webpages you might be visiting, and a redirect to an AVG safe page if potential harmful content is found on the page you’re attempting to access.
  • Analyzing of WiFi networks you’re connected to, to ensure there are no encryption errors to threaten your phone while you browse or take care of business.
  • Providing an encrypted vault that you can use to store all of the most sensitive photos, files and documents in your phone, preventing unwelcome guests from getting their hands on the data.
  • A variety of antitheft tool, ranging from a simple location program to the ability to wipe your phone’s SD card remotely to keep sensitive information out of the wrong hands.
  • A feature that snaps a picture of anyone that enters the wrong password into your phone more than 3 times, and emails the results to you.

Each of these features serves to make AVG AntiVirus the best free protection application in the current market, and helps to ensure your phone is safe and secure in all aspects while you take care of your busy schedule.

Upcoming Moto Smartphones to come with ZUK's ZUI

Upcoming Moto Smartphones to come with ZUK's ZUI
Motorola has already started working on the 2017 Moto Smartphones, the specs and design of these devices are no longer a mystery, as all the devices have been already leaked multiple times

Now, Lenovo’s Vice-President Alex Chen Yu on Microblogging platform Weibo (deleted), has disclosed that the upcoming Moto smartphones would feature the intuitive ZUI which is used on its ZUK brand.

Motorola may now be the property of Lenovo, but the company's Moto phones still retain one feature that their fans love them for - nearly stock Android UI. It's not clear that whether the ZUI will be on all upcoming Moto smartphones or only for the Moto phones sold in China. 

This year, Motorola is expected to launch the cheapest smartphone lineup, the Moto C series and Moto E4 series, the next generation Moto Z flagship models, the Moto Z2 Play, Moto Z2 and Moto Z2 Force. 

Via: Mydrivers

Samsung to Roll Out Red Tint Fixing Update Next Week: Report

Samsung is off to an incredible start with the Galaxy S8 and S8+ as they were received by the audience. After the Galaxy Note 7 faisco, Samsung was bothered of not gaining the lost trust, but that seems to be not the case as the phone has received well over 1 million prebookings. 

However, a couple of days ago, various owners who received the Galaxy S8 said that a red tint is seen on the display constantly. The best part is Samsung is aware of the issue. 

According to report from The Investor, Samsung will roll out an update to the Galaxy S8, which will fix the issue as the problem is caused due to a small manufacturing issue. "We can’t release a specific date yet, but the update will occur next week at the latest," said a spokesperson to the source. 

Moreover, if the issue exist even after the update, Samsung will replace the units with a new one, cites the report. 

Nokia Announces Withings Steel HR Special Edition on the Eve of Mother's Day

Nokia Announces Withings Steel HR Special Edition on the Eve of Mother's Day

Finnish gear maker, Nokia who has the rights to sell the Withings products has announed a special edition of its Withings Steel HR health watch. Nokia has launched this product on the eve of the Mother's day. 

The Steel HR Edition Leather comes wrapped in a gift box, which has the box inside, leather strap, charger, and a standard silicone strap, which is ideal while playing games or swimming. 

The leather strap is an Italian hazelnut leather one, which is way strudier than the silicon strap. Rest of the things are normal when compared to the previous one. It has a heart rate monitor, which can be useful to check your heartbeat. 

The Steel HR works with the Health Mate app, which has various features such as activity tracking, heart rate monitor, etc. It has the ability to display notifications for calls, text messages, etc. Also, Nokia promises a battery life of 25 days. The special edition Steel HR retails for 229.5 Euro (approx. $242).

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