Upcoming Xiaomi Redmi 3A hits TENAA

New Xiaomi Redmi 3A has been spotted at TENAA, and some of its specs have emerged. As you can see in the pictures, it comes with the familiar Xiaomi design language and has a back fingerprint scanner. 

This will be a rather compact device, with a 5" HD screen, a 13MP camera and Android 6.0.1 running on a octa-core 1.4GHz CPU. One interesting aspect, though, is that it comes with a 4000mAH battery, which is huge, and its price in China will be under 100 dollars.

We have to wait and see until it's unveiled, but it will be a very competitive phone for sure.

Source (PhoneArena)

Samsung Unveils The Batman S7 Edge and It's so cool !

Samsung Unveils The Batman S7 Edge and It's so cool !

Similar to Iron Man edition we saw last year in the Samsung Galaxy S6 , Samsung has finally Unveiled 2016 Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Injustice Edition .

This is one of the most coolest stuff out there right now . Samsung has partnered with DC comics and have created this Limited Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Injustice Edition .

The Package comes with gold Batarang, Gear VR, special color Galaxy S7 Edge and a unique UI theme for Batman fans . 

OnePlus 3 visits the FCC, specs confirmed

OnePlus is supposed to unveil their new phone on June 14th, but its official specs have just leaked!

The phone just went through the FCC and most of its specs are now confirmed! The phone will carry the A3000 model number, will weight 160 grams inside its all aluminum design at 7.3mm thin. It's battery as we already told you the other day, will be a 3000mAH one, and it will carry OxygenOS 3.1.0 built on Android. 

Other specs include a 5.5" 1080p screen, a 16MP shooter and an 8MP one for selfies while it will come with 4GB of RAM, even though rumors suggested it would come with 6GB of RAM. There's also a fingerprint scanner on the front and a single speaker on the bottom.

While being approved by the FCC doesn't mean it will be sold in the USA, it means it can be used there and if they drop their invite system it can become very popular and be sold there. We will know all the details on June 14th when they announce it.

Upcoming names for all Motorola devices leaked !

Attention Motorola fans, here are some news you will love!

The famous Motorola insider, HellomotoHK, has leaked all the product roadmap for Motorola's 2016. It includes familiar names, and some surprises. This is what he posted:

Moto 2016:

- Moto Z, aka DROID Turbo 3

- Moto X Style 2 

- Moto X Play 2, aka DROID Maxx 3

The first interesting thing is that the Moto Z phones in the USA might not be branded as Moto Droid Edition phones, but carry the original Droid branding of Droid Turbo 3, and there's also a Droid Maxx 3. This is very good news for the Verizon phones.

The other interesting note is that there will be a moto X style after all, a second generation X Style! And there's also a moto X Play!

We will have to see how everything goes and we will learn more on June 9. Until then, TTYL.

Moto G4 Plus users facing Ghost Touch issue while charging

If your Moto G4 Plus smartphone is facing weird Ghost touch issue while Charging Smartphone , you're not alone. Several Moto G4 Plus users on xda are reporting the Ghost Touch issue while charging the Smartphone .

Ghost Touch is also know as Automatic Touching . Users are reportedly facing the same issue while putting their Smartphone at charge and using it at the same time . 

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Moto G4 Plus users facing Ghost Touch issue while charging

The same issue was faced by few of the Moto G 3rd Generation users after Marshmallow update . 

Are you facing the same issue on Moto G4 Plus ? Comment below 

Galaxy J3 passes through TENAA

A new Samsung Galaxy device passed through TENAA and some specs and pictures have emerged...

Let us introduce to you the Galaxy J3 (2017). That's right...2017. Samsung is always thinking ahead with its names, that's why you might get a 2017 phone in 2016. TENAA documents suggest the new J3 will come with a 5.1" 720p AMOLED screen (1080p in China), Android 5.1, a quad core proccessor clocked at 1.2GHz, 2GB of RAM and 16GB storage. There's also an 8MP camera for this low end smartphone and a 2600mAH battery. 

All of this comes in the familiar Samsung design language and is expected to have a very competitive price. What are your thoughts on this?