How to Write a Hook for an Argumentative Essay

If you want to create a high-quality argumentative essay, it is necessary to follow the structure and fill it in with relevant content. Every element plays its role in conveying the intended message to the reader. It is in your power to improve or worsen your essay with the respective implementation of elements. There are not only an introduction, main body, and conclusion to care about, but their inner elements as well. The hook is usually included in the introduction to capture the attention of the reader. If you want to create a working hook, learn more about its aims and types, and get the use of all benefits to make your essay an impressive one.

Why Do You Need a Hook

When you are writing any type of academic writing work, it is intended to catch the attention of a specific audience. Whether it is only your professor, or other students, or specialists in your field, or the whole internet, you must have a direction to organize your paper properly. Once you know who your readers are, it is time to make them interested in your writing. You only have a sentence or a couple of statements to persuade that your essay is worth reading. This is where you need a hook.

Your essay hook has to make your reader interested in the topic you are to discuss, or curious about what is to happen next, or surprised at their revelation of your essay content, or pleased with the words you have used. No matter what kind of effect you choose to create on your reader, the aim of your hook is to catch the interest and make people want to read on your creation. Here is for you to decide, you either ask a professional writer service to help you with hook generation, or accept a challenge and read on about different hook types to create a catching one on your own.

Different Types of Hook for Argumentative Essay

Depending on your writing style, topic, impression you are to make on your audience, as well as your preferences, you can pick out of the different hook types. Here are some the common choices explained for you:

● Interesting question - ask your reader a question that he feels eager to find the answer to. Make sure your essay provides the answer to the stated question. Otherwise, there will be no point in such a hook. Don’t include rhetorical questions. They don’t need to be answered, so there is no point in reading your essay, either.

● Declaration - declare your opinion or the thing you think to be true and amaze your reader. Such a hook can act both as a hook and a thesis. In such a case, remember to make it sound like a central point of your essay.

● Quotation - you can also use a quotation from your beloved book or movie or the famous person you admire. The point is to select the one that will suit both your topic and your own opinion and will presumably interest a reader. Mind that some professors don’t like quotations used as hooks or just too long pieces of quoted text in the introduction. So, check out your teacher requirements before using quotes as a hook.

● Fact or statistics - facts and statistics speak for themselves. Your only task is to take the piece of data worth of your reader’s attention and the one that will make a strong impact on your audience as well as support your topic.

● Story - a personal story can also be used as a hook. But it should be described in a sentence or two and act as a turn-on for the reader here and now. So, you’d better not use the story if you cannot fit these simple principles.

● Busted myth - debunked myth acts as a great hook since it allows a reader to make some personal connections. If you select the widespread myth or common wisdom and prove it’s prejudice or lie, many people will be surprised to find themselves or their close people blinded by some nonsense and eager to discover more on the topic.

● Metaphor or simile - words used in an indirect way and forming an interesting pattern may attract a sophisticated and smart reader. But you have to be careful here not to sound pathetic or too self-confident about your writing skills.

● Description - describing an issue you are going to talk about or a central object of your essay, you are going to lead an interested reader straight into the topic.

Hook generation requires creativity and a feeling of style. It is good if you think thoroughly before you decide on your best appropriate hook. Dwell on your potential reader preferences, compatibility with your essay topic, and the impression you wish to create. Select one of the types described above and adjust it to your needs. In case you work well and follow the tips and instructions, your hook will encourage your audience to read and devour your essay here and now.

All Samsung devices launching on Galaxy Unpacked Event leaked


Samsung will be holding its Galaxy Unpacked event on August 11. While the main focus of the event will be the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Samsung is also going to launch Galaxy Z Flip 3, Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, and galaxy Buds 2. 


While, not much info has been leaked for the devices, popular tipster Evan Blass has posted some specs for the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3. 

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 will feature a 7.6 inch internal display and 6.2 inch external display. The Fold 3 will also feature three 12MP rear cameras, a 10MP cover selfie camera, and a 4MP main selfie camera.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 will feature a 6.7 inch internal display and 1.9 inch external display. It will feature a two 12MP camera setup on the back and a 10MP selfie camera

Both Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 will have an IPX8 water and dust resistance rating.

Here's the full list of Tweet, Enjoy!

OnePlus Ex founder launches Nothing Ear1 Earbuds

According to the information from Nothing they have finally launched the earbuds which has been named as Ear1. According to its pictures its design is so unique that the people will definitely like it. it comes with an incredible audio quality and best of the features with the price range of $99. One of the best thing is that it has been launched by Ex founder of OnePlus.

Ear1 will come with the features like active noise cancellation, Fast pair, water splash and sweat resistance, Bluetooth 5.2, 11.6mm driver, in ear detection and also a unique design. According to the news Nothing has also developed an application compatible with Ear1 which can control the earbuds using the gestures and also provided EQ which is one of the best thing.

The Ear1 comes with the wireless charging option available in its case. The earbuds lats from 6-7 hours within a charge and also lats till 35 hours inside its case. Its wireless charging is also very much powerful that it can last upto 8 hours in 10 minutes of wireless charging.

The Ear1 earbuds has been officially launched and will be available from 31st of July only a limited sets could be sold till the date and will generally be available to the people from August 17 with a price of $99. The product is launched by the Ex founder of OnePlus which itself means that the quality will not be compromised at all.

Apple expecting limited supplies of iPhone & iPad in September

As per the news from the CFO of Apple 'Luca Maestri' it is been known that apple is limiting its supplies of iPhone as well as iPad in the month of September. As we all have seen that the apple already limits its supplies from the month of June till now but as per the information it is going to decrease more in the month of September.

Some of the rumours says that apple is doing so just because the Apple iPhone 13 is expected to be launched in the month of September so that it can affects the sales of iPhone 13 models. But it has not been confirmed by Apple till now.

According to the conversation with the CEO of apple Tim Cook he didn't agreed about this thing and said that he doesn't want to predict this thing but yes there is a shortage of materials in our industries according to the increasing demand of the users the availability is much lower and also due to the shortage of the parts we are lowering the supplies than the demand.

CEO also confirmed that the component costs are lowered but unfortunately due to increase in freight charges they are paying much higher costs for the supplies. This is one of the major reasons due to which Apple is limiting its supplies till September.

Oxygen OS for OnePlus 7/7T series is now available

OnePlus started rolling out OxygenOS update for the OnePlus 7/7T series with June 2021 security patch and few more tweaks. The update was confirmed as rolling out on the OnePlus Forum with the optimized dial-pad UI and much more.

This might be an interesting update in a while as it includes a fix for Widevine L1 problems which are faced by some of the OnePlus 7/7Pro and OnePlus 7T/7T Pro users as they are unable to watch Full HD content on the most streaming platform Netflix and other streaming platforms. The user's complaint they are unable to watch more than 480p videos that have been fixed in the update.

Oxygen OS for OnePlus 7/7T series changelog

  • System
    • Reduced Power consumption
    • Improved overheating control management
    • Fixed the issue of not being able to play high-definition videos on some video platforms
    • Upgraded Android Security Patch to 2021.06
  • File Manager
    • Fixed the crash issue of the application
  • Camera
    • Fixed the issue that the camera is blurred when shooting on fullscreen size
    • Improved the stability
  • Phone
    • Optimized the dial-pad UI display effect
The update has also fixed some of the system issues where the System is taking more power consumption and also cause overheating problems. It also improves the camera experience by fixing the issue of the camera blurred when shooting in fullscreen mode.

The company has pushed the update with the old security patch which is a little disappointing. You will receive the prompt to download if you're on a stable version or else you can manually download from the system update section in the Settings. The update started rolling out today and will reach all users in a few upcoming days.

Let us know how you feel about the update in the comment section below.

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