Moto M first hands-on pictures emerge

Moto M first hands-on pictures emerge


The following pictures come from Instagram user @sunniton, who posted the first hands-on high quality pictures of the Moto M. His pictures will give you an idea of how shiny and cool the device looks.

Motorola's M was introduced last week in China with 4 gigs of RAM, a 16MP camera, a 5.5" 1080p screen and a rear fingerprint scanner. The front looks like a Moto G while its back is a mixture of Moto G4/E3 series. 

It's also the first Motorola phone since 2011's Atrix to feature the batwing logo on the bottom of its back, rather than its center. Although we'd have loved the batwing to be put over the fingerprint scanner, it's nice to see new design elements/changes.

According to the photos @sunniton posted, Moto M will come with a screen protector, just like Moto E3 does, a couple user guides and its charger + USB cable. 

We still have no info about its release outside China, though we are hoping it's released before the holiday season. It could be a tough contender for the mid-range market.

Credits: @sunniton (and happy birthday to you, by the way!)


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