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OnePlus Ex founder launches Nothing Ear1 Earbuds

According to the information from Nothing they have finally launched the earbuds which has been named as Ear1. According to its pictures its design is so unique that the people will definitely like it. it comes with an incredible audio quality and best of the features with the price range of $99. One of the best thing is that it has been launched by Ex founder of OnePlus.

Ear1 will come with the features like active noise cancellation, Fast pair, water splash and sweat resistance, Bluetooth 5.2, 11.6mm driver, in ear detection and also a unique design. According to the news Nothing has also developed an application compatible with Ear1 which can control the earbuds using the gestures and also provided EQ which is one of the best thing.

The Ear1 comes with the wireless charging option available in its case. The earbuds lats from 6-7 hours within a charge and also lats till 35 hours inside its case. Its wireless charging is also very much powerful that it can last upto 8 hours in 10 minutes of wireless charging.

The Ear1 earbuds has been officially launched and will be available from 31st of July only a limited sets could be sold till the date and will generally be available to the people from August 17 with a price of $99. The product is launched by the Ex founder of OnePlus which itself means that the quality will not be compromised at all.