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OnePlus 2, OnePlus One and OnePlus X to get VoLTE support soon!

Many of your friends must be enjoying Reliance Jio's Unlimited 4G Data, Calling and SMS free for 90 days in India. 

Officially Reliance Jio Sim is supported for Reliance Lyf and some Samsung Smartphones, but thanks to a bug which helps other 4G smartphone user to get free Reliance Jio Sim card and enjoy the benefits completely.

There's a good news for OnePlus users i.e OnePlus 2, OnePlus One and OnePlus X will be getting VoLTE support soon through a software update.

A OnePlus team member replied to a user question about VoLTE support on older OnePlus devices, Here's what she replied-

We are working with Reliance Jio right now on VoLTE support. Will update you all once we have a more concrete timeline worked out

Seems that OnePlus is tying up with Reliance Jio and users will be soon able to enjoy Reliance Jio's benefits.

via - techpp | source - oneplus

OnePlus reveals schedule for Marshmallow Update

OnePlus Staff member has shared the plans and schedule of Updating OnePlus One , Two and X to Android Marshmallow over the OnePlus forums .

OnePlus One and OnePlus Two will get Marshmallow update in 1st Quarter of 2016  . With the new update OnePlus Two users will be able to to use the default Google API for the fingerprint scanner .

While OnePlus X will get Marshmallow , but after OnePlus One and Two . Accordingly OnePlus X will get update in 2nd Quarter of 2016 .


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