Motorola One Power Android 9.0 Pie Beta - Screenshots

Motorola One Power Android 9.0 Pie Beta - Screenshots
Motorola is now all set to launch Android 9.0 Pie Public Beta program for the Motorola One Power.

With Android 9.0 Pie, you'll get new Swipe Gesture navigation, Rotation suggestion, Adaptive Battery and Adaptive Brightness, Smart replies, App actions, Text selection, Redesigned Quick Setting tiles and Notification Panel, Redesigned Volume Options, Brand new Settings, Privacy, Digital Wellbeings (Dashboard) and Winddown Mode.

Motorola has already started Internal testing (Closed Beta) for this update in China. Below are some screenshots for the same. The User Interface looks very similar to what we can find in the Pixel Smartphones, we also have the Swipe Gestures.

That said Motorola is all set to roll out public beta Official Android 9.0 Pie to the Motorola One Power starting October, Other Motorola phones might follow the same soon. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter page to get the first News.

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Here's Google Pixelstand - Wireless Charger for Pixel 3 XL

We're just a few days away from the Official announcement of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, there's no surprise left as of now about these Smartphones.

According to the latest leaks, Google will also be announcing Pixelstand - Wireless Charger for Pixel 3 and 3 XL. The Pixelstand features an orange base in the below render, however it'll be available in different color options, there's also Google's G logo to the bottom.


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5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Site Speed

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Site Speed
If your website is running slow, it’s costing you money. A slow site means impatient visitors – and that means visitors leaving your site before things load and missing out on another potential sale.

A slow site can even cripple you before visitors click on your page. That’s right, site speed is one of the many factors Google’s algorithm uses to rank sites on its search engine results page.

The average webpage homepage loads in 3.39 seconds. While this is average, there are pages on very opposite ends of the loading time spectrum. In fact, the fastest-loading site is able to fully load 58 times while the slowest loading page loads once. This difference is jarring, showing that there are a lot of ways to either slow your site down or speed it on up.

Obviously, you’re not trying to slow your site down, so we’re uncovering 5 simple ways to improve your site speed, so you can get ranked higher on Google’s results pages and make quicker, better impressions on site visitors.

Here are the easiest ways to get things loading quicker on your site:

1. Keep the design simple.

A simple website design makes loading simpler and thereby faster. This happens because in reducing the complexity of your design, you reduce the number for HTTP requests required when loading each page. These requests must be made for each element of design on the page to be loaded, so there’s no other way around them. Once you reduce the number of elements that must be loaded, however, the loading time gets much quicker.

A simple design interface also makes the experience more enjoyable for visitors, thus making your chances at converting visitors into customers that much higher.

2. Make the images optimized.

Images are absolutely critical in the landscape of websites. Photos give a visual to the company, helping customers connect with the business. Humans are also visual learners, absorbing information much better and quicker through images than through words.

Because of this, images must be carefully placed and utilized in web pages. When used without careful thought or design, however, they can slow down the loading of pages. This could cause the visitor to possibly miss the images all together if they get frustrated and jump ship.

High-quality images that are uploaded at the scales at which they will be displayed on the site will help them load faster. That way, you don’t have to worry about unnecessary pixels that won’t even enhance the quality.

3. Allow for caching.

Caching is when a computer stores data for future use, making things quicker and easier in days to come. This saves time and saves the network some energy next time you re-visit a site you’ve already been to.

By enabling caching on your website, you’ll make it easier for returning visitors to load your page. If they’re returning, there’s a much higher chance they will convert, so acting quick on this second visit is crucial.

4. Eliminate unnecessary plugins.

When you get to the world of plugins in the web design space, it can be easy to get ahead of yourself and go plugin-happy. While plugins can serve important and unique roles on websites, they also require resources in order to run that may slow the speed of the site down a bit.

By disabling each plugin one at a time and measuring server performance, you can determine which of plugins you’re using is causing a drag. Sometimes 10 plugins will take more resources than 50 – it just depends on the individual plugins used. That’s why testing each one to find the energy-suckers is important.

5. A better-managed website is a faster website.

A good website manager will know these tips and more to help optimize your website for performing at its highest possible speed. Hiring the right person or taking these responsibilities on for yourself will ensure there’s someone constantly monitoring site function and speed.

If site management isn’t your forte, you can find WordPress management services to handle that kind of thing. Whether they are outsourced or internal, having someone dedicated to your digital presence will improve online results.


How to Effectively Monitor Competitors to Improve Your Own Performance

How to Effectively Monitor Competitors to Improve Your Own Performance
Every space that dedicates itself to one’s livelihood—the workplace, educational institutes, etc.—ultimately operates on the apex of interpersonal comparisons. How well one person is doing is heavily related to how well their peers or coworkers are doing, and it is important to be aware of that when functioning within these spaces.

There are ways to track the progress of others and relate it to yourself, and while this should be done only occasionally and deliberately to minimize on excess stress, it is a vital approach if you want to excel in your education, career, or business.

Social Media Strength 

The age of digital media has resulted in individual expressionism never seen before through the use of social media. Social media allows for people all over the world to connect and communicate with one another by posting comments, sharing articles, uploading videos, and much more.

However, this has resulted in an interesting phenomenon wherein one’s social media presence is (seemingly) highly indicative of who one is as a person. Certain jobs have started asking for the social media information of applicants to better discern their virtual influence and thus workability, and many publishing and writing-based industries have even started prioritizing clients by gauging their social media following. It’s a way to assess how effectively the person will be able to promote their work.

With the use of sites like, your social media presence can be analyzed and critiqued for optimal success, so that you can revisit and strength your virtual image. You can also monitor the social media presence of your competitors to see what they’re doing that seems to work and where you can improve on their strategies.

Be Aware of Your Workspace

A great way to gauge your competitors’ success is simply through mere observation. A lot happens in the workspace—or schooling space if you are still a student—and staying vigilant is a sure-fire way to stay on top of it. Take note of how people interact with each other, how information gets around and how friendships develop, and make sure you involve yourself accordingly in order to both blend in and dominate the scene.

For instance, if a group of your coworkers go out to lunch with your boss every Friday, insert yourself into the narrative by going along with them. Make sure this is not an orchestrated event that excludes you for a specific reason before you make this move, but seldom will that be the case—still, it is vital to protect yourself from presumption and miscommunication.

Also, always be aware of what your boss may want or need and try to offer assistance as soon as you can in any way you can. This will exhibit your dedication and ability to take the initiative.

Be Kind and True to Yourself 

Ironic as it may sound, simply being yourself, as well as a good person, are some of the best things you can do to ͞get ahead͟ of the competition. Making genuine connections and sincerelywanting to do well at your occupation or studies will always benefit you in the long run, and sometimes it is more about being the dependable friend who can be counted on than cutting everybody else down behind the scenes.

No matter how cutthroat some people may be in trying to get ahead, often the best thing you can do is be the person in the room that everyone else likes to be around and can rely upon. Being a true person to yourself and those around you will always be a trait that serves you, no matter what environment you may find yourself in.

Final Considerations

Competition is inevitable in environments with a number of people all with similar goals and objectives. The best thing you can do for yourself in these circumstances is look out for yourself by being aware of your coworkers, peers, bosses, and audiences who are as important to your competitors as they are to you.

Motorola One Power Android 9.0 Pie Beta is coming this October

Motorola India just announced the Android One powered Motorola One Power with 6.2-inch FHD+ display with 19:9 aspect ratio and a notch. It runs Snapdragon 636 and holds 64GB of expandable storage. There's a huge 5,000 mAh battery inside.

According to the latest reports from Beebom, the One Power will be getting its Android Pie Beta this October. The stable update has been scheduled to roll out by the end of the year, One Power users will be able to try out a developer preview starting next month.

Motorola is expected to start the Soak Test (Beta) Registrations for Motorola One users by mid-October.

Sneak peek of Android Pie running on the Motorola One Power reveals similar User Interface like the Pixel and Pixel 2 XL, thanks to Android One.

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