How to make your Facebook safe

How to make your Facebook safe the biggest social networking site of this century has done a lot of change . The world is now meeting through it , but at the same time hackers have got a chance to hack facebook accounts . Recently by a report millions of facebook accounts are got hacked till now . But its not the fault of facebook , Its our fault . has secured the facebook , but some of us dont know how to use it or some of us know but is lacking behind something .

So here are some ways which can be used to protect your Facebook account .

1. Use gmail account to make facebook account -

Gmail is most reliable main which can be used to make a facebook account . Many of the users have their facebook account made with yahoo , outlook and many others . But according to reports google's gmail is the best mail option which can be used for making facebook account .

2. Don't make strangers your friends -
Most of the people do their mistake by making strangers their friends . They want to increase their friendlist and they go on making every one friends by sending a bulk of friends request to unknown people . Those unknown people get details about your gmail id , can access photos of your and do many things . So go and unfriend now ..

3. Use of cover photo and profile Pictures -

Always use any design or scenery or any things cover photo . It is because your cover photo is visible to all of the people . They me save it or do any thing with it . Also do same with your profile picture .
U can post your pictures which will be only seen by your friends only .


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