[How to] Save bricked Android smartphone

[How to] Save bricked Android smartphone


Hey guys , there are many posts about that but I had made one on my blog .
Many of us brick their smartphone by rooting or by installing any rom in wrong way or by porting any rom , doing wrong with adb , triangle away , flashing kernel and any other .

Their two types of brick -
1. Soft brick
2. Hard brick

Soft brick -

If your phone is still live . It means your phone is booting but is stopped at bootloop or still going to download mode or recovery mode .

If your phone is soft bricked follow these steps -

1. Recover phone from cwm -

●If you already have cwm recovery installed and you have a backup of it . Automatically Recover it .
●Download any other rom of your phone and place in your sd card by pc or any other phone . Install the rom and your phone wicll boot up .

2. Recover phone by download mode -
Usually this method is very helpful to most of the samsung users . Just open download mode and flash via odin . And your phone will boot with official firmware installed .

Hard Brick -

Most of the samsung and sony smartphones get bricked hardly . That means not opening download mode nor recovery and we get into worry what to do .

1. Most simple method , rush to service center !

Usb jig is the best possible thing one can do to give life to his phone .

You can buy a usb jig from online I.e flipkart or ebay or you can make one at your home .
Follow this guide to make usb jig at home -

To use UsB jig . Place the jig one your usb part of phone .
The phone will be forced to open on download mode . Now flash it via odin .

Nd cheers ..

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