HTC M8 launched in India with a price tag of 49,900

HTC M8 launched in India with a price tag of 49,900


HTC has finally launched Its giant flagship that is HTC M8 . It will be available in India with a price tag of  Rs 49,900 and it will be available in markets in early May.

Htc M8 has the most fab BRUSHED METAL DESIGN - It wraps around the uni body case and pleases the eyes and is easy to handle . The metal design of Htc M8 protects the M8 with any damage . Htc has Designed M8 in such a way that it reveales the Premium looks of a smartphone . In the price range of 49,900 HTC M8 is best smartphone . Htc M8 comes with most of the unique features that are not yet made in any of the smartphones . Its uniqueness makes it more smarter . Some unique features are - Dual back camera for taking more enhanced pictures , 128 GB external sd card slot expandable memory .

HTC has also launched its TV App with HTC M8 that will help the users to control thir LEDs & LCDs.

HTC M8 is an all rounder metal smartphone . No doubt it is made up of more premium quality the Samsung galaxy s5 , Nexus 5 , LG G3 and more leading smartphones .


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