SanDisk launched 128 Gb MicroSD card at 9999

SanDisk launched 128 Gb MicroSD card at 9999


SanDisk finally launched a 128gb Micro-SD In India : New Delhi . It is a micro sd card that can be easily fitted in new smartphones that allows 128gb external disk . A 128 gb memory card will create an ease to customers to put as many files in a smartphone as in computers . This sd card will 128 gb memory and Users can access only 125 gb of free space . 

For now only one phone is capable of accepting 128 gb memory card or external disk .  Meizu MX3 a chinese android company smartphome is the first and only for now smartphone that is capable of storing a 128gb of microSd card . Now many companies are trying to make 128 gb card slot smartphones .

Another news is that now sanDisk has uneviled to launch 4TB , 6TB And 8TB Micro sd cards in some months or years . They are comming soon .


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