SlimBean v1 Android 4.3 From Samsung Galaxy core / Duos

SlimBean v1 Android 4.3 From Samsung Galaxy core / Duos


Hey guys , Samsung galaxy core has not got a full stable rom ever , even slimbean v1 is not stable yet . Based on Samsung galaxy core duos cm10.2 by Ankur a xda member , i ported SlimBean rom for samsung galaxy s2 . SlimBean is just a modded version of cyanogenmod rom , its just a cm based rom and can be ported to any device having cm .

Slimbean Build 1 is always a simple build with not most of the features of slimBean , also many features dont work on this build because of no stable cyanogenmod 10.2 rom .

Also See -

SlimBean v1 for core is just ported by me by taking Samsung galaxy s2 slimbean v1 as port rom and Ankur Cm10.2 As a base rom and ported Xda and many sources . I have taken the first build of S2 SlimBean so There are very less features of SlimRom . More features will be there in next build .

Proof , Because already one member in xda has stolen thanks by giving fake slim bean .

Features of SlimBean v1 For samsung galaxy core -

1.Based on Samsung galaxy core cyanogenmod v10.2
2.Android 4.3
3.Slim Bean wallpaper
4.Slim Bean bootanimation
5.Slim Bean Sounds
6.Slim Bean Tweaks
7.Slim Bean File manager
8.Slim Bean Nova launcher
9.Slim Beans :p

      Working Features Of this rom -

      4.All apps
      6.Cm themes

          Not working in this rom -

          1.Network  ( Sim card ) not detecting 
          2.Memory card not detecting
          3.Some bugs are there


              The rom is not  available right now . It will be available after it get full stable . Check again later !


              1. Bro this is amazing! Only one SIMcard fixed and Memory card, and I'd be the happiest guy ever!!
                Great work bro!

                1. Yeah , soon it will be available :D

                2. Great great great! I can't wait!
                  Do you have a rough estimate? :)
                  Because the ROM I currently have is pretty buggy and I want to replace it, but it's much work to put back all apps in place, even with an app-backup app. So I wanna wait for your ROM. :)

              2. well its also a fake slim bean since it wasn't built from source and i dont think you could fix RIL without building it from source

              3. hey maaaan!upload it fast i m waiting

              4. hey vaibhav, what is its current status?

              5. dude can u plz notify me when rom gettin ready for install..?



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