System UI Themes For Samsung galaxy core

System UI Themes For Samsung galaxy core


Hey , Guys as a samsung galaxy core owner . I would like to give you some awesome themes and SystemUi mods , notificiation panel , status bar themes that will make your core more awesome .

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So here are Some SystemUI Mod for Samsung galaxy core - I will update the post whenever i will get a mod :D

1. Dream Bean Status Bar -

Dream bean statusbar was ported from Samsung galaxy s2 . Its a holo dark background statusbar which is cool . It has black toggles and blue light 

Download From here

Screenshot - 

2. Wooden UI

Wooden UI is most awesomest UI . Your core will look like a wooden phone . All the icons are modded and statusbar has given a new look . It is done by this blogger - here

Downlaod -  here

Screenshot - 

3. Fly Me SystemUI

Fly me systemUI is good systemUi with transparent stausbar and New themed statusbar widgets .It has a big analog clock .This is also made by Indonesian blogger - here

Download - here

Screenshots -

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