All About BCA : Courses , Placements , Colleges

All About BCA : Courses , Placements , Colleges


As a 12th student I my self is opting for BCA for my further studies and found many information on BCA That is Bachelor of Computer applications . BCA is suitable for those who are computer geek and have opted commerce , BCA also can be done by Science stream students but i prefer B.Tech For Science students . BCA Is a small field then B.Tech .

After BCA one can do MCA for further development and further knowledge and degree .

Here is BCA Syllabus for Students according to R.U -

B.C.A. Part-I
Paper 111 Electrical Circuit And Circuit Analysis
Paper 112 Semi Conductor Physics, Electronics Devices And Circuits
Paper 113 Business Accounting Fundamentals
Paper 114 Discrete Mathematics
Paper 115 Statistical Methods
Paper 116 Computer Architecture
Paper 117 Operating System Fundamentals
Paper 118 Algorithms and Data Structures
Paper 119 Principles of Programming Languages
Paper 121: Electricity and Electronics Laboratory Course
Paper 122: Programming Laboratory Course in C and C++
Paper 123: Laboratory Course in Microcomputer

B.C.A. Part-II
Paper 211: Financial and Marketing Management
Paper 212 : Digital Electronics and Circuits
Paper 213 : Mathematical methods for Numerical Analysis and Optimization
Paper 214: Database Management System
Paper 215: Object Oriented Programming
Paper 216: Networking Technologies and TCP/IP
Paper 217: System Analysis and Design
Paper 218 : Internet and Intranet
Paper 219 : Electronic Communication and Data Communication
Paper 221 : Visual Basic, Visual C, and Visual FoxPro Programming (Laboratory)
Paper 222 : Web authoring Tools, Java and Perl Programming (Laboratory)
Paper 223 : Digital Electronics Lab (Laboratory)

B.C.A. Part-III
Paper 311 : Computer Graphics and Image Processing
Paper 312 : Software Engineering
Paper 313 : Simulation and Modeling
Paper 314 : Advanced Computer Architecture
Paper 315 : Management Information Systems
Paper 316 : Network Security and Cryptology
Paper 317 : E-Banking and Security Transactions 
Paper 318 : Internet Application Development
Paper 319 : E-Commerce
Paper 321 : Oracle/AutoCAD 2000 (Laboratory)
Paper 322 : Web Site Development & Web Client Programming (Laboratory)

Paper 323 : Computer Architecture and Networking Lab. (Laboratory)

Placements - 

There are many tech companies that visits the top colleges of India monthly , weekly . Top companies hire BCA students for their software development , securities flaws etc .

TOP Companies that usually gives placement for BCA are -

3. The Phone Support

TOP Colleges for BCA In India - 

1.Christ College,Hosur Road, Bangalore
2.Madras Christian College, Tambaram, Chennai 
3.University College – Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra 
4.Stella Maris College 17, Cathedral Road, Chennai 
5.Department of Computer Applications, SRM University 3 Veerasamy Street, West Mambalam Chennai 

Source - Yahoo , RU


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