Blackberry Kopi : New Blackberry Smartphone

Blackberry Kopi : New Blackberry Smartphone


Blackberry has now decided to expand its production further and make a competition in market . Android now has become very common , Even one can get android from 2000 - 2.00,000 Ranged Smartphone ( celkon - vertu ) . Blackberry is first all set to launch a mind blowing set in India Tommorow . Blackberry Is launching exclusive Blackberry Z3 See All specs - here 

Also watch a War Between Moto G and Blackberry z3 - here

Blackberry Kopi is another Blackberry smartphone , Which will range even low than 200$ / 12,000 INR . Blackberry Kopi has a 4.5 inch HD display which is very fantastic . Blackberry Kopi has 1.5 gb of ram . It has a removable battery which powers 2100 mah . Blackberry z3 is only for now available in Vietnam and will be soon in Many countries . It has Blackbery os 10.2.1 , Which is capable of running android apps .



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