Apply Now for Miui 6 : Beta Tester Needed

Apply Now for Miui 6 : Beta Tester Needed


Miui is all ready to launch its Beta version of Android Miui UI . Miui has all set and needs Testers for Its Beta version . The beta version will still have some bugs . But only First 100 People will get chance to Apply for testing . If you had not applied yet , Then Hurry to this - 

What you Required to have -

1. You must have any Miui Devices say Xiaomi Mi3 / Mi4
2. The Miui Credits in Miui Forum should be over 50 
3. You should have to report all the bugs and Must comment about Miui 6 review .
4. Important : If you leaked any video or Download links , You will be removed from Miui Beta Team .

How to Apply for Miui 6 Beta Testing -

Step 1. Login to Miui English forum - Go here

( New Signup will not work as You must have 50 Miui credits to apply and after new signup you will get only 20 credits points )

Step 2. After Login Go to This page and Click On Apply - Go here

Step 3. After Clicking on Apply wait for the approval .


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