Moto G2 Price for India Leaked

Moto G2 Price for India Leaked


The Smartphone we all are waiting for , Yes Motorola Moto G2 . Motorola Moto G2 is going to be Unelieved Tomorrow At IFA 2014 event . After the huge success of Motorola Moto G , Motorola is all set to launch Moto G2 ( The upgrade version of Moto G ) . 

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Motorola Is holding an event on September 5th to launch its new devices and Moto G2 will be one of them . The import data of Motorola Moto G2 states the prices of Moto G2 in India .

The 16 Gb version of Moto G is imported at the price of ₹10,640 and will be available at online shopping platform flipkart at ₹13,000 , 70,000 units are exported to India and Moto G2 will be available in 16 gn variant only . The Data also states that The Moto G2 will be Exported from China to Banglore .


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