[Themes][Cm12] All Themes for Cyanogenmod 12

[Themes][Cm12] All Themes for Cyanogenmod 12


So , Cyanogenmod 12 ( Android 5.0 Lollipop ) is available for many android devices , One thing i like most in Cyanogenmod is its themes support . Also 2 days ago only , theme engine got added in CM12 builds . So you can install themes easily :) .

How to Install Themes on CM12 , Watch Out this video -

So , I will keep updated this post with All the latest themes available for CM12 .

1. Glass CM12  Theme -

Glass CM12 Theme

Glass theme is an awesome theme with new icons and transparent SystemUI and more .

Download Glass CM12  Theme- Here

2. Dark Material CM12 Theme -

Dark Material , CM12 theme

Dark material theme is a dark theme , with material design in it , Its also a nice theme .

Download Dark Material CM12  Theme- Here

3. Green Material CM12  Theme -

Green Material , CM12 theme

Download Green Material CM12Here

4. Black CM12  Theme -

Black Material , CM12 theme

Download Black CM12  Theme - Here

5. Elixium UI CM12  Theme - 

Elixium Theme , CM12

Download Elixium UI CM12  ThemeHere

6. Tigers Eye CM12 Theme - 

Tigers eye , cm12 theme

Download Tigers Eye CM12 Theme - Here

7. Zenith CM12 Theme ( Paid ) -

zenith cm12 theme

Download Zenith CM12 Theme - Here

8. Blue CM12  Theme ( Paid ) -

Blue , Cm12 theme
Download Blue CM12 Theme - Here

9. Different CM12 Theme ( Paid ) -

Download Different CM12 Theme - Here

10. Red Material CM12  Theme -

Red Material , Cm12 theme

Download Red Material CM12Here

11. Flats CM12 Theme ( Paid ) -

Flats , Cm12 theme
Flats , Cm12 theme

Download Flats CM12 Theme - Here

12. Orange Dark Material CM12 Theme -

Orange Dark Material , Cm12 theme
Orange Dark Material , Cm12 theme

Download Orange Dark  Material CM12Here

13. Red Dark Material CM12 Theme -

Red Dark Material , Cm12 theme
Red Dark Material , Cm12 theme

Download Red Dark  Material CM12Here / Here

14. Purple Material CM12  Theme -

Purple Material , Cm12 theme
Purple Material , Cm12 theme

Download Purple Material CM12Here

15. Blue Dark Material CM12 Theme -

Blue Dark Material , Cm12 theme
Blue Dark Material , Cm12 theme

Download Blue Dark Material CM12Here

16. Touchwiz Style CM12 Theme -

Touchwiz , Cm12 theme
Touchwiz , Cm12 theme

Download Touchwiz Style CM12 Here

17. PoP UI CM12 Theme -

PoP UI Cm12 theme
PoP UI Cm12 theme

Download Pop UI CM12  Here

18. Caption America Cm12 Theme -

Caption America Cm12 Theme
Caption America Cm12

Download Caption America Cm12 - Here

19. Iron Man Cm12 Theme -

Iron Man Cm12 Theme
Iron Man Cm12 Theme

Download Iron Man Cm12 - Here

20. Note 5 / S6 edge plus Theme -

Download Note 5 / S6 edge Theme - Here

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    1. Can you share image background of glass theme#1?, I love it. plz sent to my email ngotai@hotmail.com. Thank you!


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