3 Motorola Accessories One Should Buy

3 Motorola Accessories One Should Buy


Motorola Mobility which makes leading Smartphones , Watches and Some Accessories . It is the best company according to my opinion .

If you own a Moto Product and want something new for it , Here are 3 Affordable Accessories for Your Motorola Smartphone -

1. Motorola Power Pack Micro -

Now , everyone owns a Smartphone and most of us have a portable power bank which we carries over to backup our Smartphones Power . New Motorola Power Pack Micro is an affordable nice accessories which one must buy as a Power bank for their device . 

Motorola Power Pack Micro

Power Pack Micro comes with 1500 mAh battery capacity and weights only 1.7 oz . It has a handle attached so that it can be used a key chain and a power bank when needed !

The small little Portable Power Bank is available only for 39.99$ on Motorola Website . Its available in different colors .

2. Motorola Bands -

Motorola Bands are the best accessories to add some personality and colors to your Moto device . It is available in plenty of colors , also you will get a set of colors in 19.99$ only at Motorola Website  . 

A set includes - Turquoise, Purple, & Raspberry color bands or Red, Blue, & Golden Yellow color bands . 

3. Motorola Moto Hint  -

Its a wireless device by which one can control their Moto Smartphone with voice . One can access everything just by saying anything to Moto Hint .

The device is like Bluetooth ear plug , It is available in various colors . The price of Moto Hint is 149.99 $ . Its too high , but its worth buying for some purposes , Buy it Here at Motorola Website .


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