[ Build 3 ] Lollicop Rom for Samsung Galaxy Core duos I8262

[ Build 3 ] Lollicop Rom for Samsung Galaxy Core duos I8262


Finally Ported TransK rom for Grand quattro and its like Android Lollipop 5.0 themed perfectly and its working smoothly and flawlessly on Samsung Galaxy core , Also Samsung Galaxy core got its first Multi window rom . I named it Lollicop rom and its new builds will be available whenever i got time :) . It will be last build of Lollicop rom , as all bugs are solved .

All credits Goes to Me and renzorampas and Syed Ahmed .  , and you all for your support . 

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Features Of LolliCop Rom for Galaxy core duos  -

→ Pre-Rooted SuperSU-v3.1.3 (46)
→ Deodexed
→ Debloated
→ Signal Tweaks
→ 3G Tweaks
→ Battery Tweaks
→ GUI Tweaks
→ Smooth Scrolling
→ ADB Notification Icon Disabled
→ Better Call Voice Quality
→ Dalvik Tweaks
→ Media Tweaks
→ Camera Tweaks
→ Wireless Speed Increase Tweak
→ Better Internet Speed Tweak
→ Better Video Streaming
→ Pure Performance X
→ init.d Support
→ TeslaLED Included for Flashlight

→ Semi Trident Transparent Status Bar.
→ White LolliPop Icons in Status Bar
→ No AM/PM in Status Bar and Pulldown.
→ Remove Factory Reset in Settings
→ K-Pop Style Statusbar Pulldown
→ Non-Transparent ROM
→ White MMS
→ White Settings
→ S.Planner added
→ Zawgyi FlipFonts added
→ Redesign Phone, Contacts, Calculator...
→ Multi Window
→ KITKAT Launcher
→ KITKAT Camera
→ KITKAT Maps and Street
→ KITKAT Wallpaper
→ KITKAT Calendar
→ KITKAT Email
→ LolliPop Bootanimation
→ KITKAT Default Icons


→ Fixed System UI Force closed 
→ New Gallery 
→ New Framework
→ Fast , Smooth 
→ Touchwiz as default launcher 
→ AOSP Lockscreen
→ Lollipop Easter egg
→ New Wallpaper
→ Some apps removed
→ Google now as default launcher

ScreenShots -

Video Review of Lollicop rom -

How To Install 

Download The Rom and Place it in root of your Storage

Go Into recovery cwm mode

Wipe data

Wipe cache

Wipe dalvik cache

Install zip from sd card

Choose LolliCop Rom

After Installing rom , Install the apk given below !

Most important part Enjoy !

Downloads -

LolliCop Rom - Download Here

Lollicop Platlogo Apk - Download Here


  1. 1. Is it a mod or a rom? (can i flash it over stock rom or do i need to perform wipes?)
    2. Is there a chance that it works on the i8260? (single sim?)

    1. I've tested it on i8260 (single sim) and it works fine!

  2. Bro can you give a link other than mediafire the capache is not visible

  3. what for we install the apk min ? is it important?

  4. hii vaibhav
    i have previously installed lolipop build 2 after that my mobile is not going to recovery mode via TWRP/CWM..and it is not giving root acces to quick boot apps ...what should i do???
    1)root custom rom with farmaroot
    2)root with kingoo app
    plz tell me dude ...i am very eager to install build 3.

    1. root by flashing superuser file !

    2. same here. how to do that? i've try all root article in your site but it isn't solved yet.

    3. finally i can go to recovery mode again. the solution is change to stock rom first. then start again to upload CWM or TWRP. stock rom --> http://androidxda.com/samsung-galaxy-core-duos-i8262-stock-rom

  5. Did the battery drain bug got solved in build3 ??

    1. Yup , i have added some tweaks for battery ..

    2. i want download bt 77% after that stop buid 3 so plz help me bro..

  6. link is not working file removed plz reupload

  7. dude it is not going to cwm/twrp mod even recovery is installed.

  8. I flashed it and everything went fine until i patched services.jar prior to the v6 super charger script installation. my touch screen stopped responding. it stopped for the top row app. to be specific that particular are where the first row aps reside. any function that need to be executed on that part of the screen say to search for an app in playstore, to click on the run in scripts manager nothing works coz the touch isnt responding on tht part of the screen.. i then reverted to stock rom and the prob was gone. the touch screen became fully functional. flashed the new built again and it was fine too.. used it for a day and then i gave a try on this patching services.jar again using ultimate patch tools for windows provided in the xda forums ( http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1914159) and patching was 100% success. phone rebooted and again the touch didnt get recognized on that part of the screen im not able to open any of the apps in the first row of the screen neither execute any function that needs a touch on that part of the screen . also i noticed at times if i boot into the recovery and clear the dalvik cache, my touch becomes responsive until i boot my phone again.. its just not responding on that particular area where the first row apps are aligned. i can open all othr aps or rest of the screen is fully responsive. i had no problems with the patching in any of your build. say build 1 and 2 and also in monster rom by omkar. kindly help me out with this. kindly help me with this. any help would be appreciated.

    1. So , may be the patch is not compatible with my rom !

    2. Hey,
      does the notification bar change colour in apps like Play Store, YouTube etc?

  9. Bro how to install the apk you provided via the phiz recovery ??????

  10. i installed it and it is working fine runing smoothly.thansk bro u r awesome
    can you help me my friend has galaxy grand duos he wants to install lollipop or kitkat 4.4.4 but he cannot find good blog
    can you make a blog of kitkat 4.4.4 to install on grand duos with all details and which has no bugs

  11. Is there any way so that I can restore my older rom?

  12. Hi Vaibhav,
    Will this Lollicop Rom also work on the SM-G355H Galaxy?

  13. hi vaibhav

    First of all thank you so much for your amazing effort to make this one .. kudos to you

    after flashing in my core i8262 the phone keeps restarting after few mins i dont get any errors or anything but if i use a app for like five mins continuously it restarts my phone without intimation..

    can you help out please,,,i want to use this rom


  14. bro, can you give a link other than mediafire, my connection have a problem with mediafire.com. please

  15. bro i wipe data,wipe cache,wipe dalvik cache,and install zip then click on (reboot system now) with cwm..it restart and show below warning : No file_contexts my phone stck on cwm recovery mode plz tell something wat to do now

  16. Too much lags and bugs even build 2 was better than build 3 . But thanx nixe work
    And one more bug samypop rom is not working with it . Stucks on logo . Plz can u give video tutorial for installing samypop . Plz waiting for reply. Thanx

  17. i have core gt-i8262 i try many times every time when rom install and restrat the mobile. mobile hang on startup... what i do.... any solution...

  18. i have core gt-i8262 i try many times every time when rom install and restrat the mobile. mobile hang on startup... what i do.... any solution...

  19. Mine does not boot it keeps on loading I've waited for long time and still it does not boot gets stuck on startup I mean not getting hanged up it loads and never goes to the home screen is this a booting issues bug......
    Anyone with the same problem??

  20. hello.. i've change to this ROM. the problem is i can't go to the recovery by pressing volume up+home+power. i planned to back to the original one. thanks.

  21. Admin. Rom is very nice . no issues except the notifications are nt showing for apps. and also cant go to recovery :( plz help me.

  22. Hi vaibhav,
    This works fine..but fm radio app is missing. Can u please suggest any apk for radio fm for this custom rom.

  23. gallary and playstore is not working.. any clues?

  24. gallary and playstore is not working.. any clues?

  25. can i flash this rom on odin?it is not succes?

  26. gallary and playstore is not working.. any clues?

  27. Hi, my model is a Samsung Galaxy Core I8262 Duos. Does the custom ROM you have provided has the options to change Active SIM cards. Mostly the Active Sim cards can be swapped in the notification bar and from the pictures you have shown I dont find any options like that. Even the phone dialer even too has only a single call button, my model is a Duos version, then how do I select the second SIM card to call through..

    1. I m using 1 sim only ! Tats y its showing this .. Its for Core duos only !

  28. Which rom is better for my core duos kitkat build 4 by vaibhav or lollicop build 3 by vaibhav.....................please give opinion bro....

  29. Dear bro.
    FM tuner app is missing....
    Please provide one apk for this.....those from play store not working with fm firmware....

    1. Hey , You can extract the app from firmware . I don't have app now !

  30. i installed this rom and its working fine...but there is no music player........ the google bar on the home screen and the menu background the home screen is become white how to make that transparent like before? please tell me

    1. thanks for suggestion...I appreciate ur hard work........ thanks

  31. Hi,
    I have finally managed to get this rom on my device but can you tell me if there is a FMRadio app available for galaxy core duos I8262. I did back up my apks but the stock apk for radio is not working even if I move it to "system/app". I need one which uses the tuner api not over the air. Help greatly appreciated!

  32. hii
    installed it but this is 5.1 and there are lot of bugs...
    BUGS : 1.) play store is not working properly.
    2.) notifiacation bar's font colour is not proper
    3.) battery is draining too fast and phone is hanging too
    please help vaibhav is it 5.0 or 5.1 and yhh this as also not pre rooted
    so please reply soon

    1. Hey dude.. I had similar issues. That rom is not efficient. Try this http://www.techdroider.com/2015/05/lollipop-themed-cosmic-v2-for-galaxy-core-i8262.html, it's much better.
      Better Battery optimization, Notification panel is better, Pre rooted with Supersu, Lock screen like samsung 4.2.2. But my experience says that its the best for Samsung Core.
      Let me know if this helps!

  33. How much time does it takes to get installed


  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Sir please help me my device gone bricked

    1. Contact us on facebook ! Post it on our facebook page - fb.com/techdroider

  36. what if some problem happens? can i den move back to my older version?

    1. This rom is working awsome
      or your can move back by backup your current rom

  37. Hi, this is the best rom for this device? If not, wich one do you sugest? Thank you.

  38. if i don't want this rom. how can i come back to my original Jellybean rom

  39. bro after doing everything when click on reboot the mobile again goes back to cwm. wt to do?

  40. i instral rom bt always open recovery mod


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