[OTA] How to update Moto X 2nd Gen ( 2014 ) to Official Marshmallow

[OTA] How to update Moto X 2nd Gen ( 2014 ) to Official Marshmallow


Motorola has already Announced list of devices that are getting Android 6.0 Marshmallow update . 

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Moto X 2nd Gen ( AKA Moto X 2014 ) is finally getting Official Android 6.0 Marshmallow update . If you are a Moto X 2nd Gen user and want to update to Marshmallow then you can follow below steps .

[OTA] How to update Moto X 2nd Gen to Official  Marshmallow -

Step 1. Update Motorola Update Services from Play Store . ( If already updated go to step 2. ) .

Step 2. Reboot your Smartphone .

Step 3. Go to Settings > About Phone > System updates .

Step 4. You will get a Notification of  " New System update available " .

Step 5. Select " I'm In " and download the update and Install it .

Finally Moto X 2nd Gen is updated to official Marshmallow .

If you find any difficulty in updating your smartphone , feel free to comment below -


  1. My smartphone has not released any updates

  2. My phone is not compatible with motorola update service Oo, moto x 2014, how can I download this APP update?


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