10 Features That Should Have Been In Remix Os 2.0 (But Aren’t)

10 Features That Should Have Been In Remix Os 2.0 (But Aren’t)


Recently Jide revealed Remix Os 2.0 for PC's and Mac . Remix Os 2.0 is based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop and is basically made for PC's and Mac . It is multi-windowed Android Os through which we can open Multiple apps and Games at Once .

Remix Os is all together a fully-fledged Desktop Os , but it lacks some features ( that Jide might add in future updates ) .

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Here are 10 Features That Should Have Been In Remix Os 2 (But Aren’t) -

1. Battery Indicator - There is no Battery Indicator , we can't see our Laptop/PC's battery status / life .

2. Third Party launcher Support - We can't install any third party launcher !

3. All Application's and Games support ( It doesn't support many applications and games ) .

4. Live wallpaper Support - Currently Remix os 2.0 Doesn't support Live Wallpaper .

5.Advance Menu - The ( Jide Logo ) menu just display apps and games ! There is no options for Accessories , Recently Opened applications , Games , Images etc .

6. More Sooth user interface - The UI seems to be heavy and it hangs some times while opening multiple apps .

7. Widgets - There is a widget option , but it has only few widgets such as ( Play store , Chrome and Google Drive ) , There should be Widgets like Battery Indicator , Weather , Sticky Note etc .

8. More Internal memory - Even If we are installing it on a Hard Drive , it only Gives 3.9 GB memory space , Memory space should be according to the space where Os is installed .

9. Controls Support - There must be an advance option to setup Keyboard keys as a Controller ( For apps and Games ) .

10. Direct Boot -Every Time we have to choose Guest Mode or Resident mode ( That are of no use in actual ) , There should be a Direct Boot or an option to permanently choose a Single Mode ( Guest Mode or Resident mode ) . 

Apart from these , Jide has just done amazing Job in bringing Android Os to PC's . The Os is just awesome and can be a perfect Os for PC's in future .

What you think about Remix Os ? Comment below !


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