5 Question's Android Users Always Ask

5 Question's Android Users Always Ask


Android isn't that difficult to get grips with , but that doesn't mean that every New or Old Android user are always able to find their way through it !

Here are some annoying questions with Answer that Many Android Users ask !

1. When My Smartphone will get New Android Update ?

No one knows when Your Smartphone will get New Android Update . It all depends on your Smartphone Company , when they will roll update ! 

Leaked information are correct about update's ( Not always ) . All you can do is to wait for the update or Install Custom Rom .

2. Which Antivirus will protect my Android Phone ?

Antiviruses are of no use on Android Smartphone's , But now many Antiviruses comes with a easy-to-use backup features for user’s data, remote wipe in case the phone gets lost, etc. 

Else Once again " Android is a safe OS and it don't need Antivirus " .

3. How to Extend Battery Life ?

Battery life can only be improved by uninstalling useless applications ( That eats battery ) . Also Lollipop and Marshmallow comes with inbuilt battery saver . 

All battery saving apps are useless .

4. How to Increase RAM of my Android Phone ?

Picture Credits - AndroidPit

How can someone ask such question ? Ok , so RAM cannot be increased in an Android Smartphone ! RAM is a Hardware part which cannot be increased or decreased ( In a smartphone ) .

You can only free the RAM by Clearing some Running apps , disabling some useless apps , using no animation ( Developer option > No Animation ) .

5. My Android Smartphone Hangs a lot ! What to do ?

  • If you are using a Samsung Smartphone than your Smartphone will hang a lot because of heavy Touchwiz.
       All you can do is - Disable preinstalled applications .

       For Advance users - Root , Install Cyanogenmod or AOSP and        enjoy .

  • If you are using a Smartphone with Stock Android Then all you can do is to - Remove Facebook Application , disable useless apps .

These are the Only Real answers to your Questions .If you will surf Google you can get many fake results on How to Increase RAM , How to update your phone and more ...

Still having some questions ? Comment below , we will try to solve them too -


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