[100% Working ] How to Dual Boot Remix Os with Windows

[100% Working ] How to Dual Boot Remix Os with Windows


[Guide] How to Dual Boot Remix Os with Windows

Update : 

  • Remix Os Beta Version now available for Download ( Download Here

Jedi Remix Os is finally available and Many of the geeks have been asking questions regarding whether we can Dual Boot Remix Os with Windows or not , if yes then How to Dual Boot Remix Os with Windows .

Answer is "Yes" We can ! Actually I did !

( Yeah finally a dream to Dual boot Android and Windows came true ) 

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So , Here is a full Guide on How to Dual Boot Remix Os with Windows -

Requirements -

  • A USB Drive 
  • Official Remix Os - Download Here
  • 20GB Hard Disk Partition ( 16GB will also work ) ( FAT32 ) ( Guide )
  • EasyBCD 2.3 ( Download Here  - Register and Download )

Step 1. Open Downloaded Remix Os zip file and extract it to the the root of new 16GB Partition that you created earlier .

Step 2. Insert USB Drive and format it with file system FAT32

Step 3. Now Open Remix Os USB Tool ( That you extracted ) .

Step 4. Choose ISO Image ( That you extracted ) and select USB Drive that you inserted .

Step 5. Now click on Ok and Install Remix Os on USB ,

Step 6. After Installing it on USB Drive , Copy all Files / Folders from USB and paste it to that 16GB Partition  that you created earlier .

Step 7. Install and Open EasyBCD 2.3 .

Step 8. Click On "Add new Entry" 

Step 9. Click On ISO 

Step 10. Choose Path as Remix Os ISO from the 16Gb partition .

Step 11. Select Mode as Run from Disk 

Step 12. Click on Add Entry .

Step 13. Click on Tools ( Upper left corner ) .

Step 14. Restart Computer !

Now your Computer will restart , Whenever You will restart You will get 2 Options -

  • Windows 
  • Remix Os

Choose Remix Os and Enjoy !

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How to Root Remix Os

Select either "Guest Mode" or "Resident Mode (Permanent) " to start Remix OS , Guest mode will not save any data and is only for trying Remix Os , while Resident mode will save all data ! 

Note - If you want to Go to Your Windows OS then just Restart again !

thanks to onellabonella and Asulthebest ( reddit ) for sharing some tips !

Comment below if you have any doubts !

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