[Poll] Is your Motorola Phone rooted ?

[Poll] Is your Motorola Phone rooted ?


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Rooting voids warranty ? It does ! But it also unlocks many features and gives users to fully access their Android system . Rooting has many advantages , You can Install Custom Roms , Use Apps like Greenify , Titanium Backup etc and many more ...

But To Root Motorola Devices , Usually You have to Go through many Steps which Includes - Unlocking Bootloader > Install Recovery > Rooting the Device !

Here at MotoMobile , We have a Moto G 2nd Generation ( Rooted ) and a Moto G 3rd Generation ( Non Rooted ) , What About You guys ? Select your Answer below and let us know !

Use your Smartphone Screen in Landscape mode ( Rotate your Screen ) ( For better view of Poll ) !

Also Comment below , Why you have Rooted or Not Rooted your Smartphone !


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