So Here is first look at Pokémon GO [ Screenshots and Details ]

So Here is first look at Pokémon GO [ Screenshots and Details ]


Get your Pokéballs ready , Yeah Pokemon Go is on its way. Today Niantic and The Pokémon Company has finally posted something about Pokémon GO .

Pokémon GO will be a unique game which will enable users to go outside and play in the real world with Pokémon's . You have to go out into the world to find and capture Pokémon . While you will explore the world, your phone will give push a notification if there's a wild Pokémon nearby, allowing you to try and capture it. 

While Some wild Pokémon will also only show up in their native habitats too. For example, water types Pokémon's might only be found near bodies of water , Rock Type Pokémon will be easy to find in the Garden area .

The more you play and the higher your trainer level will become . The Higher your trainer level is , the more powerful Pokémon will appear in-front of you !

Players will be able to hatch previously-acquired eggs that might reveal new Pokémon. Eggs and other special items such as Poké Balls can be acquired at PokéStops - located at interesting places such as public art installations, historical markers, museums and monuments.

Though there is no info about the launching date . But Yup The game is on its way !


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