Pokemon Go Android App leaked , Here's what we know !

Pokemon Go Android App leaked , Here's what we know !


The Pokémon GO field test started today in Japan and Those who registered on the Beta page got the emails with the Download link ( Play store ) .

One of the Beta tester just leaked the Android Apk , but soon the Pokemon Go Android apk link went down . But yeah we Got it ! Though we can't share the apk , But here's what we got to know so far -

  • For now Pokemon Go Beta version will only work on Android 4.3 or greater , while iOS devices needs atleast iPhone 5 to Play Pokemon Go .
  • The Application is of 47.97 MB
  • You can customize your avatar
  •  Players do no receive a Starter Pokémon
  • There are no battle against wild Pokémon, you only have the option of using Pokéballs
  • A Pokémon move called Starburst is in the app, no details about it has been given .
  • Players can join 3 teams: Red, Blue & Yellow.
  • The Beta only has first Generation Pokémon
  • There are 151 Pokemon data files in the game .
  • There will be day - night cycle .

Screenshots -

Though the .apk file is of no use for now ( You can't play ) , but one can go into that .apk file and get to know whats inside that App . 

Screenshots - via

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