2016 Moto DROIDs Leaked in Full Glory

2016 Moto DROIDs Leaked in Full Glory


Motorola is all set to reveal the next Moto Z and Droid's in the upcoming Lenovo's Tech World . They will be the first Modular devices which will come with different modules known as Moto Amps .

Today , eveleaks has leaked the back images of Motorola Moto Droid 2016 . The devices seems to be coming in Three colors , namely Black , Silver and Gold .

The 16 holes at the back will be used to connect the Moto Amps module , According to reports . The module that will be launched along with the devices includes -

  • Pro camera Mod 
  • Anventure Mod (maybe a typo, possibly Adventure Mod) 
  • Theater Mod 
  • Stereo Mod 
  • Power Mod 
  • Style Mod

Comment below and share your views about this upcoming flagship killer !


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