YU forced us not to buy their Smartphones again !

YU forced us not to buy their Smartphones again !


Micromax's sub-brand Yu Televentures is all set to launch "YU Yunicorn" on 19th May and I am pretty much sure , many of us will not buy YU smartphones again !

YU Yureka was a great hit and after that Smartphone only Micromax's YU became popular in India . The first impression of the Smartphone was amazing but we were not fully aware of the Smartphone at that time ! 

Though One cannot judge a Smartphone and a company in a single day or two ! But , Now YU has forced many of us not to buy their Smartphones .

Disclaimer :- This post is entirely based upon most of the users opinion and does not spread negativity of any company or organization. The post is not meant to spread violent or hatred speech either .

1. One of the worst after sales service -

Buying a smartphone is more than just about picking up a phone you liked and making a purchase. A phone may look good on paper, but there's more to a phone than just the paper specs. After-sales is something equally important, if not more.

And Yes ! YU has one of the worst after sales service . I own a Page of Micromax Yureka which was made to help Yureka users , but I was wrong ! When the Company can't support their customers then Who Am I ?

Below are some (Though There are many ) "Reviews on YU" -

And why we need After sales service ? Because YU Products are made of cheap quality ! 

2. No Android Updates -

I think Google is all set to reveal Android N on 18th May ? Isn't it ? And YU users are still waiting for Marshmallow on their Smartphones ? 

The company has launched only few devices and they can't even handle software updates for these devices even !

Though I understand Marshmallow is a big update , But can't you even provide a patch for the bugs that were present in Android 5.1.1 ? 

I never Bought a YU Smartphone , but this article is for all the fans of my page Who forced me to write this Article !

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