Don't Buy a Samsung Smartphone until it's a flagship !

Don't Buy a Samsung Smartphone until it's a flagship !


Stop Buying Samsung Smartphones if you really care about software updates , security or development . 

Samsung is still expanding their Smartphone's series by releasing many smartphone's in a month . We even don't get to know when a New Samsung Smartphone get launched except a flagship !

Samsung literally don't care about their low , mid or even high end devices until its a flagship smartphone  ! If you are buying a new simple Samsung smartphone then forget about the software updates and any security patch or any development .

Though its not really Samsung's fault ! They launch too many smartphone in a month , that they even can't provide software updates to that much devices !

Samsung Smartphone's are good until you are buying a Samsung Galaxy "S" or "Note" series flagship smartphone ! 

If you are going to buy a new device ( Low or mid ranged ) , Buy a Motorola , Lenovo , Xiaomi or Asus Smartphone if you care about Software Updates and Security ! , Find us on Facebook , Twitter and Google+


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