LG is now copying Motorola names

LG is now copying Motorola names


Meet the LG X Power and X Style. Yes, you read that right...

LG just released two new phones, and apart from copying Motorola names the devices are not very surprising. The LG X Power comes with a 5.3" IPS 720p screen, a quad core Mediatek CPU with 2GB of RAM, plus 16GB and a slot for microSD cards. Where is the power? We wonder that too. Maybe it's for its 4100mAH battery? Otherwise, it's not an exciting phone. And it's more expensive than the moto G4 devices for what it offers, so its price of $200 is not competitive at all.

Their other device is the X Style. No, not the moto X Style. This LG X Style is a low end phone with a 5" 720p screen and a Snapdragon 410 CPU. It will come with an 8MP camera and a 2100mAH battery for a price of $180, making it more expensive than the moto G4 Play, which will come at a similar price to the moto E series. All in all, these phones don't offer very competitive prices...but what we don't really like is the fact that they are copying the exact same name of Motorola's flagship and using it for a low-end phone. 


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