Mark your calendar : Motorola Moto Z is coming

Mark your calendar : Motorola Moto Z is coming


Motorola is finally going to introduce their attractive and innovative 2016 Moto Flagship Smartphones . As previously leaked by VentureBeat , the devices will be Vertex and Vector thin , Both the devices will be classified under Moto Z .

Both the devices will be Motorola's first modular devices with swappable backplates . The 16 holes that are at the back panel of the device are actually connection pins that allow modular backplates to be snapped onto either handset . Read - Moto Z 2016 to feature modular design with 6 magnetic attachments for more .

According to a teaser image leaked by hellomotohk , Both The Devices will be launched on June 9 , 2016 at San Francisco in Lenovo's Tech World event .

Hellomotohk also added that , the devices will come with 6 Moto Modules -

  • Pro camera Mod 
  • Anventure Mod 
  • Theater Mod 
  • Stereo Mod 
  • Power Mod 
  • Style Mod
Here are the images of the Smartphones leaked earlier ( Namely Vertex and Vector thin ) , For more images Read here -

Moto Z series is going to be exceptional series of Smartphones and with amazing features . Mark your calendar , June 9 : Motorola Moto Z is coming .


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