New OnePlus 3 specs and photos have emerged !

New OnePlus 3 specs and photos have emerged !


Indonesian twitter account Krispi has leaked the specs and pictures for the new OnePlus 3 models, which recently passed TENAA certification. Take a look:

On the heels of a recent discount on all OnePlus phones, some TENAA (the Chinese FCC) documents have leaked showing pictures and specs for the upcoming OnePlus3. In case you didn't know anything about OnePlus 3, no, it's not four, it's a very popular smartphone brand in Asia which is gaining popularity among tech bloggers around the world.

According to the documents, the specs are very top-notch. The phone will have an aluminum housing and will be 7.3mm thin. It's packed with a Snapdragon 820 clocked at 2.15GHz and a 5.5" 1080p AMOLED screen. There's also a fingerprint button on the front and 4GB of RAM with 64GB storage.

Are you ready for this phone? We certainly are! It should come out pretty soon, so we have to wait and see. Until then, we hope more information leaks!


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