Upcoming names for all Motorola devices leaked !

Upcoming names for all Motorola devices leaked !


Attention Motorola fans, here are some news you will love!

The famous Motorola insider, HellomotoHK, has leaked all the product roadmap for Motorola's 2016. It includes familiar names, and some surprises. This is what he posted:

Moto 2016:

- Moto Z, aka DROID Turbo 3

- Moto X Style 2 

- Moto X Play 2, aka DROID Maxx 3

The first interesting thing is that the Moto Z phones in the USA might not be branded as Moto Droid Edition phones, but carry the original Droid branding of Droid Turbo 3, and there's also a Droid Maxx 3. This is very good news for the Verizon phones.

The other interesting note is that there will be a moto X style after all, a second generation X Style! And there's also a moto X Play!

We will have to see how everything goes and we will learn more on June 9. Until then, TTYL.


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