VERVElife by Motorola officially on sale

VERVElife by Motorola officially on sale


EXCLUSIVE: The most anticipated wearable release of the year is out now!

VerveLife by Motorola was just released in Germany and is about to go on sale in other countries too. Amazon Germany just put all the Verve range on sale and we must say that they are very interesting devices. Here is a specs comparison that shows all the features of the new devices.

As you can see, all these bluetooth devices offer HD sound, multiple microphones, Siri and Google now compatibility and long battery life. The VerveLoop offers a completely new design while the VerveRider and VerveOnes come with a familiar design, similar to the Motorola Buds and Moto Hint, respectively. In fact, VerveOnes is like a double-Hint pack and offers a similar charging method.

All VerveLife devices will be available elsewhere in the coming month or so, and its pricing (at least on Amazon Germany) starts at 80 Euros. The VerveOnes+ are the most expensive ones, at 246 Euros

Motorola Mobility sold its accessories and audio division to Binatone Global last year. Binatone was already a licensee for the Motorola brand (making cordless phones and baby monitors), and now will be making all the Motorola-branded accessories going forward. All the Motorola accessories team (Bluetooth, power packs, car chargers) moved to Binatone last year, and these products (and the new Pulse 2 headphones released last week in India) are the first of many Motorola-branded to come.

You can check out the new VerveLife range on Amazon.

UPDATE: global launch will be in London, June 14th. Invites have been sent.


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