Carl Pei responds to AnandTech's OnePlus 3 display criticisms

Carl Pei responds to AnandTech's OnePlus 3 display criticisms


Back a while OnePlus revealed The OnePlus 3 , which seems to be One of the best Smartphone at this price range .

OnePlus 3 has gone through many reviews . Some people are saying OnePlus is buying reviews and Some people are saying approx All reviews are fake . Whatever it is ,We know all is Carl Pei is monitoring all the reviews .

Few days back , One of the renowned reviewer "AnandTech" Got their hands on The OnePlus 3 . AnandTech said that "OnePlus 3 Display really kills the Smartphone for me" .

Here's a little bit What AnandTech Said -

Unfortunately, the display really kills the phone for me. Based on every other aspect I think it would be a no-brainer to replace the Nexus 5X with the OnePlus 3 as my daily driver, even if it is bigger than I'd like. I simply can't though, because I just feel unpleasant whenever I look at the OnePlus 3's display. I don't think it's a stretch to say it's the worst display I've examined during my time at AnandTech, as despite the Nexus 6's faults it didn't have the ghastly blue appearance of the OnePlus 3.

And of course this is a bit insulting for a Company like OnePlus and This is how Carl Pei responded to it -

I'm sick and tired of sentiment like this. It may not seem so, but for a product company -- it's insulting.
It started with the OnePlus One, people trying to find explanations and faults that could have led to its reasonable price. People were complaining about screen variance (visible and common for LCDs, search for "iPhone yellow blue screen" images), vibration motor, and cheaper NAND, etc. Looking for any explanation, and quick to jump on bandwagons and to conclusions.
With our relationships in the supply chain, we know the BOM (bill of materials) of all other flagships. Out of all the devices that the OnePlus 3 gets compared to, it is one of, if not the most expensive to make. Do you think the price delta between a 2K AMOLED and a 1080p AMOLED is huge? It's a product decision, and spec by spec is not how to judge a product. The OnePlus 3 uses latest generation AMOLED made to our specifications by Samsung. The vast majority of our users, and reviewers love Optic AMOLED. It is NOT tuned to sRGB, and was never meant to be. sRGB tuning is a niche requirement and is not the right choice for the vast majority of smartphone users. Why do you think it's hidden under developer settings on the 6P? For those who need it, we've taken note, and have added it to the next OTA.
On the other hand, I get it. People simplify and use mental shortcuts to make sense of the world around them. Price = quality. We probably haven't done good enough of a job explaining our model, and we need to work on this going forward. I understand that sometimes, when our products don't have the highest absolute specs, it might look like corners are cut. This happens when people don't understand the product reasoning that went behind a choice. When we see this, we'll be increasingly vigilant about educating people. Over time, we hope that more people can understand our product philosophy of placing experience above specs. Product management is an art and not throwing together the highest specs. If that's what you're looking for, OnePlus is the wrong brand for you. This is also why I'm not the least worried about new device x or y that may have better specs, because I know it will not fare as well as the OnePlus 3 on the most important spec of them all: NPS.
Before finishing this rant, I want to make things really clear. There are no corners cut on the product, and there will never be. OnePlus cuts corners on business model (direct to consumer), org structure (nimble and fast team), and marketing (organic word of mouth focused).

Source - reddit | AnandTech

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