Everything about Different Types of MotoMods

Everything about Different Types of MotoMods


Moto Mods snap onto your Moto Z Smartphone using integrated magnets. They fit perfectly into the 16 magnetic holes and you can swap Moto Mods in a snap .

In This Article , We will be taking a closer look at every Moto Modules ( Official and Unofficial Both ) . So Lets get started -

1. Insta-Share Projector -

The First and My Favorite MotoMod is Insta-Share Projector , which Projects everything from your Smartphone ( Including Home screen , Games , Movies , etc ) . 

The Projector projects an image up to 70” on any surface , from any angle . We have a button to Start the Projector and a rocker to adjust the focus .

2. JBL SoundBoost Speaker -

The JBL SoundBoost turns your Moto Z into a loud Speaker . You will feel like carrying a Concert In your pocket .

With a battery boost and a built-in kickstand, prop up your phone and keep the music or videos going longer. JBL SoundBoost includes 10 hours of battery life so you can listen longer without using your phone's battery.

3. Power Pack Shell - 

The Power Pack Back Mod adds a 2220mAh extra battery to your Smartphone ( Upto 22 hours ) , So you will never need a power bank or anything else . 

Also the new Power Pack shells comes in different design and is sleek enough that make you feel that its a part of your Phone .

4 . Moto Style Shell -

The Moto Style Shells adds dash of Style to your Smartphone . It makes your Smartphone more premium and It also protects the Camera Bump .

5. One Compute Mod -

The One Compute Moto Mod helps you turning your Moto Z Smartphone to a Computer . It actually communicates with a traditional monitor, providing a desktop-like experience.

You can use Multiwindow , Play Games and do tons of things on your Desktop through OneCompute Moto Mod .

There will be many new MotoMods soon , Stay tuned !


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