In seven days, Motorola will change the world

In seven days, Motorola will change the world


We only have one week left...

Motorola is set to introduce its new Moto phone at the Lenovo Tech World in San Francisco on June 9th. That's only 7 days from now, and here is everything we know about the new Motorola.

1 - There will be two versions of the new phone(s). One will continue the Moto line, but its rumored to be called Moto Z instead of Moto X. There will also be a DROID version sold in the USA, which will feature Verizon exclusive apps and some Motorola exclusive Droid apps, like the Circles widget and the Droid Zap feature.

2 - The phones will be thin. RAZR thin. That's why Motorola has teased the Razr V3 so much lately. The new Moto line will be have versions that will be 5-7mm thin, making it one of the slimmest phones out there. 

3 - They are modular phones. Although it's not really like Project Ara, Motorola will have some accessories that will connect to the phone to make it have a professional camera, a projector, stereo speakers, and a huge battery module. That's why you see 16 pins in the back of the phone and Lenovo's official blog says we will see "new technology designed by Motorola that will dramatically think about and use their most personal devices - in a snap" .

4 - They will come with flagship specs. Expect the latest Snapdragon 820, Quad HD screens, impressive cameras and long battery life running on the latest Android. 

5 - They will come with a satterproof display, just like Moto X Force from last year. This means your screen won't break if you drop the phone, and its aluminum unibody will make it have a real premium feeling. This will be the first all-metal Motorola phone since 2008's Aura luxury phone.

We are excited, and we trust and hope this launch is meaningful to fans and the tech world (no pun intended). Motorola has more lives than a cat and has made more comebacks than Jesus, so we are confident that they will impress us with the new devices. Until then, TTYL.


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