Lenovo K5 launches in India at a very low price!

Lenovo K5 launches in India at a very low price!


Lenovo has launched its K5 phone, introduced earlier this year. The phone will be available in India exclusively through Amazon, which is also the partner for other Lenovo products. In case you forgot about the phone, it's got a metal design and a 5" 720p screen, also offering Dolby sound and a 13/5MP camera set up. All of that is powered by a Snapdragon 415 SoC.

Although not yet available, the Lenovo phone will be available on June 22nd and you can register now. It's price will be very competitive. Remember it comes with an HD screen and Dolby sound, yet Lenovo revealed its price of INR 6,999. It's actually an insane price, and a very good deal. Hopefully they can do the same magic for the next Motorola Moto E...

Other specs for the phone include a 7.9mm body, a 2750mAH battery, 2GB of RAM and runs Android 5.1 lollipop, so hopefully Lenovo can update it to Android 6.0.1 soon.

More and more manufacturers are choosing the Amazon route, so it will be interesting to see what can Flipkart and others do to attract costumers and manufacturers.


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