LG releases the Stylus 2 Plus

LG releases the Stylus 2 Plus


The LG Stylus 2 Plus will be available in the coming weeks all around the world.

LG just released a new smartphone, the Stylus 2 Plus, and seems to be an interesting device, and this time it doesn't copy the name of a Motorola device. The new phone comes with a 5.7" 1080p screen, a 1.4GHz octa-core chipset, a 13MP (or 16, depending on the country you are at), and as the name points out, it comes with a stylus.

The phone will also come with marshmallow and though it's a fully plastic body, it's pretty thin at 7.4mm, even though it carries a 3000mAH battery, so you will have plenty of juice. Other than that, its design is the traditional LG design language, so nothing new there.

LG says it will come with a competitive price, though it wasn't announced during its release. We will have to wait and see until it's available. LG says it will be available soon.



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