Moto G4 is Motorola, not Lenovo

Moto G4 is Motorola, not Lenovo


Ever since the moto G4 was released last month, a lot of reviewers have been calling the phone as Lenovo Moto G4. Well, the truth might surprise you: it's a MOTOROLA! The phone, which will be released in India tomorrow (standard version) and had its Plus version released last month has been reviews back and forth, but it seems the tech blogs and some members of the press didn't notice some important facts.

To begin with, its build.prop shows Motorola as its brand/manufacturer. Just open any benchmarking app and you will see this. If it wasn't a Motorola phone, it wouldn't carry that name in its software. You can see this here:

Its official specs at show it comes with the Motorola Mobile Computing System as processor. This is the name of the SoC that allows all the Moto Display and actions/gestures for the phone.

If you check out the back of the box (in Europe and Latin America) or the bottom of it if you are in India, it will say "Manufactured by Motorola Mobility, LLC.", which is the formal name of Motorola. This is very important, because it proves the phone is actually a Motorola device. 

In addition, the bottom of the box shows the Motorola logo and in the legal information sticker you will see it says Motorola and the model number. So the phone is legally and technically a Motorola Moto G4.

Last but not least, the back of the phone says "Designed by Motorola" and its internals carry the Motorola logo as you can see in this picture.

So, to sum up, Lenovo only put their logo in the box and during the boot animation. And although the boot animation is not pretty like the previous one, if they keep the Motorola brand like they did here, showing in many places the full Motorola brand, the fans might not be so worried after all. But the press should have noticed this and they didn't. They need to do some research before naming a phone. It's correct name is Motorola Moto G4.


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