Motorola launches five new wearables!

Motorola launches five new wearables!


Motorola's new wearable line was just launched in the UK and NYC yesterday, and we got some details to show you! VerveLife by Motorola is the official name of the device line and it will be available very soon in Europe, India and the USA. All the specs and pictures can be seen here.

Motorola's audio team has been working hard into releasing a wireless, water-proof and wearable collection. Now under Binatone Global, the company that bought the Motorola Mobility accessories division last year, the devices are ready.

VerveLife is for fitness lovers. All the devices connect to an Android or iOS app that will tell you where your wearable is, the battery left it's got, and will allow you to change music setting, or, in the case of the camera wearables, you will be able to share or stream your videos to most popular social networks.

This range includes five bluetooth headphones: Ones, Ones+, Loop+, Rider+, Rider. Its price ranges will be from $79 to $249. The high end model are the in-ear, similar to Moto Hint, Verve Ones, which give you 12 hours of battery life and a futuristic form factor in a water-resistant body.

Then there's a camera, similar to the GoPro, that will be water proof and have the ability to stream live. This will be available soon, though it won't be initially available. The headphones are coming this same week!

You can see from the packaging that these will carry the Motorola brand. Binatone is very happy with its Motorola accessories division, and is even creating Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts for these devices. We think they come in a good time: Samsung has not yet released their Gear wearable bluetooth devices for this year and Verve's design and functionality is way ahead. So hopefully they become a success. Plus, they say we will see more later this year! Let's hope it's a Motorola smart band!


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