Motorola MotoMods pricing revealed

Motorola MotoMods pricing revealed


Pricing for the upcoming Motorola MotoMods have been revealed! Now that the moto Z news storm is over, people have time to investigate unannounced moto Z news. Well, a Reddit user just got a glimpse of the prices for the new MotoMods.

The new mods will certainly be a bit expensive. Starting with the Insta Projector which enables your phone to be a projector and has built-in battery that won't affect your phone's juice, it will be priced at 300 dollars. That's more expensive than a moto G4 Plus!

The projector does seem expensive, but the moto Z might have a competitive price, so it may probably be worth it. The Reddit user also points out that the prices for the powerpack mod and its wireless powerpack will be $89 and $99 respectively.

This prices might not yet be final and they might be lower by its release date. We still have not been told the price for the phones so let's hope they are similar to last year's moto X Style.


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