POLL results: how would you change Moto G4?

POLL results: how would you change Moto G4?


We asked you some days ago how you would change the new Moto G4 family, and now it's time to report the results. You can check the original poll here.

The new Motorola Moto G4 is an awesome phone for sure, but how would people change it? We asked if there was something to improve, and the responses are in.

To begin with, it seems people want longer battery life, even though its battery is already quite good. In second place comes something that Motorola and Lenovo could do through a software update: people want the original boot animation back. They don't want the "moto" word when the phone boots. Instead, people want to see the beautiful Motorola logo. Maybe they could think a way to merge both, start with the M logo and then the Lenovo logo. That would be cool, and the fans would like it more than now.

In third place, surprisingly, comes NFC, which was omitted from Moto G4 phones. NFC is becoming popular for mobile payments, so it's understandable. This is quickly followed by design and internal memory. We thought its design was good, although the fingerprint button made it look unlike any previous Motorola phone. The normal G4 and G4 Play, however, share a nice design language that the critics are praising.

Did you miss the poll? Tell us what you think about the results.


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