Two new Motorola mysterious devices leak

Two new Motorola mysterious devices leak


Motorola has been very active lately. Releasing the moto Z, moto G4, Play and Plus, now there's a rumored moto E, a moto X for this year and a Z Play. Seems that we will see more moto phones than ever before! 

Now, a Russian site has leaked the picture and specs of a new mysterious Motorola device. It makes us wonder how many phones will get this year, but this one seems really interesting: it's smaller than any new Motorola phone.

The new device leaked today, rumored as moto X3, comes with a 4.6" full HD screen, 32GB of on-board memory and 3GB of RAM, running a octa-core MediaTek processor clocked at 2.1GHz and a 15/7 MP camera (that will probably be 16/8MP set up).

The new Moto phone is one of the many to come later this year, or probably not so later this year. We have to say that we are very intrigued, and also for the other device that leaked today and we already talked about: moto Z Play. That lower end version of the moto Z will carry a Snapdragon 625 and have 3GB of RAM, on top of its modular design.

You can check the new Z Play HERE.


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