Unannounced Moto Z mods leak

Unannounced Moto Z mods leak


Hellomoto HK just leaked some pictures about unannounced moto Z stuff!

To begin with, he says there's a Moto Z Play yet to come and that it will feature a lower price and some lower specs in the CPU and screen departments. Other than that, he leaked some interesting pics about MotoMods that were not revealed today. Take a look:

The first one is the Pro Camera Mod with 10x Optical Zoom we had seen. This one seems very cool for picture enthusiasts. There's also an Adventure Mod that will make your phone water proof and resist drops. 

Last but not least, there are some Style Mods that you will be able to get from Motomaker to make your phone yours. This includes plastic and ballistic nylon backs, other than the wood and leather we have seen today. 

We will have more news for sure until its launch in September, so hopefully we will hear more soon. We still have to recover from the slayage of the amazing Motorola phones we got today.


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