What's OnePlus 3 Memory Management issue and How to Fix it

What's OnePlus 3 Memory Management issue and How to Fix it


Recently launched OnePlus 3 comes with 6GB of RAM and looks like OnePlus 3 can't even take the advantage of the 6GB RAM .

When C4Etech did a speedtest between OnePlus 3 and S7 edge . Though it was known that OnePlus 3 will win this because of 6GB RAM and Latest Processor , But Things were different . 

OnePlus 3 has more than enough RAM to go around, but can't cope with keeping apps in memory, probably due to overly aggressive memory management and This was the reason OnePlus 3 lost against The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge .

According to OnePlus's CEO , OnePlus has decided to limit its RAM's potential in favor of long battery life . But then what's the use of 6GB RAM ?

Though Developers from XDA took it on their hand to fix that issue and provided a solution for the same .

If you wish for your OnePlus 3 to take better advantage of its RAM management, you can edit the build.prop value for “reading ro.sys.fw.bg_apps_limit=20” to 36 or 42 each showing similar gains in performance.

After applying this tweak the OnePlus 3 handles just under twice as many apps loaded into the memory.



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