Here are the Top 5 Android Nougat features

Here are the Top 5 Android Nougat features


Google has finally announced The name of Next Android version after asking all of the world "What N should be" . So , Android N 7.0 is for Nougat .

Google will reveal the Final Android Nougat along with New Nexus Devices later this summer . Android Nougat will be coming with some awesome features and Here the top features you need to look out for in Android 7.0 Nougat .

1. Night Mode 

This new Android Nougat feature will allow user to switch to a darker color scheme ( Not black , but dark grey ) . If you don't like White color scheme , then just switch to Night mode for a darker scheme .

There will be an option to automatically switch to Night Mode after the sun set .

2. The Notification Shade

The Notification bar and the Notification toggles are completely changed and the new redesign looks spectacular . 

Android Nougat will give you ability to reply a message within Notification shade .

Additionally, users can also long press a notification and choose whether they would like to block or display them.

3. Doze Mode -

Google is making changes to Doze mode in Android Nougat . 

In Marshmallow, Doze activates its battery-saving features when the phone was stationary , while In Nougatit will get activated even when the screen is turned off  .
Hence, it will save upon more battery.

4. New Settings  -

The new Android Nougat will come with a new Settings Application that gives us more information , One will be able to see how much data is consumed , WiFi Status etc without selecting that option . 

The Another change in settings is that , One will be able to swap from One to another Setting menu easily .

5. Multi-Window -

This feature will enable users to use applications in split screen mode and picture-in-picture mode as well . 

The feature already comes with Samsung's Note series and some of the Smartphones . But Now Android is finally introducing this new feature with Android Nougat .

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