LG G5 is a flop

LG G5 is a flop


Life is not good, it seems... LG has been having some rough times lately, making once cent profit for every phone sold some quarters ago while Apple was making 200 dollars per phone sold, and now it seems that its flagship phone, the G5 hasn't been a hit as it was expected to be.

The G5 was released as a modular phone with top-notch specs. LG estimated to sell 12 million of it through the year, but it seems it won't even be able to reach half of that. 

A new report from Digitimes sugges the LG G5 will only reach 5.5 million sold with LG shipping 2.5 million this quarter and sales slowering quicly. That's quite bad for a flagship phone with so much hype.

The Mobile business will post a loss of 110 million dollars this quarter too, shipping only 15 million phones. What did LG do wrong with the G5? Was it its design? Or its specs? Or people simply didn't like the modular concept?



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