Motorola "Diamond" Prototype surfaces

Motorola "Diamond" Prototype surfaces


Some weeks ago we talked about the RAZR that never was, a cancelled phone from 2009. Well, today we found more of that. And we know there are still many Razr fans out there that care about this.

Apparently, there were going to be two versions released, and what we got today is the cheaper version of that device, codenamed "Diamond", running Symbian OS and some lower specs compared to the cancelled RAZR3 flagship.

This includes a 3MP, Symbian UIQ 3.0, an external touchscreen and a 312MHz processor, powered by a 950mAH battery, the same used in many Motorola phones. It doesn't sound much exciting, I know, but consider it was going to be a late 2008 to early 2009 release!

Enjoy the newly leaked video:


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