The full Motorola brand will still be used in Latin America

The full Motorola brand will still be used in Latin America


Over the last 10 years, Latin America has become Motorola's most successful market. Knowing its big presence and great relations with customers and carriers, it seems that Lenovo has changed its mind with the rebranding to "Moto", at least for that continent.

In a new interview to one of Perú's biggest newspaper, Lenovo Perú's Manager Manuel Cigaran talked about integration efforts, pointing out that the integration is fully complete but that in Latin America "one brand won't kill the other". He says there'll be two divisions inside Lenovo's MBG, one of them being Motorola Mobility.

"More effort will be put into the Moto word, but that doesn't mean the Motorola brand will die, as it's synonymous with quality and we will keep using it". 

This is something we've seen with the recent launch of the Moto G4 family in Mexico, Brazil and other countries, as the Lenovo logos are nowhere to be seen in marketing material (ads, videos, promo material) in these countries, and it doesn't even appear on the front of the box as it does in Europe and the US. 

In the rest of the world, although still made by Motorola Mobility and still branded with the Motorola logo, the new Moto phones come with the Lenovo logo on packaging and it's also shown during the boot animation.

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